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Farmers' Helpers

Following the Depression and Flood of 1927, families began “tractor farming” as a way to maintain their livelihoods, and it opened the gateway to modern farming methods. In 1945, international Harvester revolutionized cotton farming with the introduction of the first mass-produced mechanical cotton picker. Farm machinery and farming in Arkansas have evolved dramatically. The threshing machine has given way to the combine, usually a self-propelled unit that either picks up rows of grain or cuts and threshes it in one step. The disk harrow is used more often than plows after harvesting to cut up the grain stubble left in the field.

Today’s farm machinery has come a long way even from the revolutionary mechanical cotton picker, allowing farmers to cultivate many more acres than in the past. Modern farming methods like no-till farming are increasing yields while preserving water and soil nutrients. A multi-rotor remote sensing system Steam, gasoline and diesel changed agricultural machinery and brought prosperity to the field. The advances in modern farming methods continue with today’s “Information Age” tools. There are tractors that come with air conditioning, computer monitoring systems, GPS locators and self-guiding programs that make crops neater, more efficient and more environmentally responsible about seed, fertilizer and fuel. There are even remote-controlled drones for crop dusting and seeding from the air.