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150th Anniversary Battle of Prairie Grove

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park offers a reenactment of the battle on Dec. 1-2, 2012 in Prairie Grove. The original battle, fought on Dec.7, 1862, saw about 22,000 soldiers fighting most of the day, with about 2,700 killed, wounded, or missing. Every even-numbered year, Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park hosts a battle reenactment. During the weekend there will be many lead and self-guided activities including tours through the Union, Confederate, and civilian camps, various military drills, cooking, spinning, and lace making demonstrations along with other living history programs. “Sutlers Row” features a number of vendors selling 19th century reproduction, books, and souvenirs. The battle demonstration begins at 1 p.m. each day, featuring charges and counterattacks by Union and Confederate infantry and cavalry. The reenactment is held on the actual battlefield near the historic Borden House. Contact the park (closer to event time) for a detailed schedule. Re-enactors, contact the park to register. Admission is free.


The park is located at 506 E. Douglas. Call 479-846-2990 or email for details. More information about the park can be found at