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Whether it’s January or July, you can find something interesting and fun to do every day here in Arkansas. Our bloggers work to cover the vast selection of attractions, activities and events around the state. To write about the myriad of outdoor events, culinary, historic and cultural attractions Arkansas has to offer, you need some of the best travel bloggers around. Each member on our team of Arkansas bloggers and travel writers covers a different region of the state and relates unique stories about food, fun, events, the outdoors and other Arkansas experiences not to be missed. Keep up with the state’s best travel bloggers to get insider vacation tips and ideas here on the Arkansas blog.

Meet the Travel Arkansas bloggers below.

Zoie Clift
Zoie Clift SouthwestZoie Clift has been a travel writer for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism since 2006. She covers the Southwest region of Arkansas and enjoys taking photos to go with her articles. If you see her out and about say hi!
Leah DiPietro
Leah DiPietro StatewideLeah DiPietro is the communications manager for Arkansas Tourism. She has been with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism since 2014. Currently based in Central Arkansas, she is originally from Russellville.
Mary Osteen
Mary Osteen StatewideMary Osteen is the public information technician for Arkansas Tourism. Based in Little Rock, she maintains Arkansas.com’s multitude of databases for businesses, cities, trails, lakes, parks and more. She has been with the department since 2013.
Jill Rohrbach
Jill Rohrbach Northwest and North Central ArkansasJill Rohrbach is the travel writer for the 24 counties that comprise the Northwest and North Central regions of The Natural State. Based in Fayetteville, she has been with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism since 1999.
Katherine Stewart
Katherine StewartCentral ArkansasBased in Little Rock, Katherine Stewart is the social media coordinator and the travel writer for the Central Arkansas region. She has been with the Department of Parks & Tourism since 2015.
Kim Williams
Kim Williams Upper and Lower DeltaKim Williams is the travel writer for the 24 counties that comprise the Upper and Lower Delta regions of Arkansas. Kim has been a member of the Arkansas Tourism “family” since 2006.
37 comments on “About Arkansas Insiders
  1. Loretta says:

    I just find out one of the counties there,don’t know which one,made Marshall Law. Women can’t walk down the street and the county controls everything. Is this true?

  2. Tabatha Owens says:

    So my husband, I and our 3 children are thinking about moving to Arkansas this summer 2013 and would like to know where the best employment is down there. My husband can do anything and we are Foster/Adoptive parents, I also run my own Daycare. If anyone can shoot us in the right direction of a really nice place in the country, I would truly appreciate it.
    Tabatha Owens

  3. Jewell Edwin Howard says:

    We are coming June 1, 2013. Can you get us details. I am retired and the wife is still working.

  4. Scemd says:

    Are there any public tornado cellars in Little Rock, Ar. Will be visiting this spring and would like to know the locations – just in case…..

    • Kerry Kraus says:

      No there aren’t. But there are buildings with basements where you’d be perfectly safe. Some of these are the Statehouse Convention Center, Clinton Presidential Library, Robinson Center Music Hall, DoubleTree Hotel. These are all located in the River Market District of downtown Little Rock.

  5. terry says:

    Can I get any info on whats happening in June 2013. I will be traveling there the 11th thru 18th.

  6. stacey says:

    Are there any guided fishing trips anywhere in Arkansas?

  7. Angela Ansel says:

    65 Alive -Vendor’s Showcase
    Flea Market, Arts & Crafts, Antiques,
    Saturday, October 5th, 8am-2pm
    The Church Alive.org

  8. Mike Harvey says:

    We are planning on visiting your state Nov-Dec-Jan 2013. What kind of weather can we expect in the north, south part.


    • Kerry Kraus says:

      Here is some general weather information for the months of November and December.


      average maximum temperature 61.6
      average minimum temperature 42.1
      average precipitation 4.15 inches
      average snowfall .3 inches
      northwesterly winds

      Frost starts to become common during this month. The first of November is generally peak fall color in the central to southern parts of the state. As the month progresses, temperatures can frequently change to harsh cold.


      average maximum temperature 52.4
      average minimum temperature 35.2
      average precipitation 4.13 inches
      average snowfall .8 inches
      northwesterly winds

      December signals the beginning of winter temperatures with heavy frosts becoming quite common. This is the preferred winter month for those who like to experience the colder temperatures.

  9. Dominique Niessen says:

    Hello Kerry, remember me, the Dutch girl,spring 95? I follow the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism on Facebook, beautiful pictures. Hope I can come to visit Arkansas some day and show my kids the state. Greetings from a cold and rainy Netherlands,

    • Kerry Kraus says:

      Hi Dominique,

      I do indeed remember you. I can’t believe it’s been that long. How nice that you keep up with us on Facebook. We too hope you can bring your kids soon. Take care.

  10. Mario Gutierrez says:

    Hi.I,m retiring next year,and moving to Arkansas,i want to buy a house there but don,t have to much money,can you tell me witch towns have the best house prices? I,m going there in july to to look for a house. Thank you.

  11. Mario Gutierrez says:

    OK, Kerry, thank you for your help.

  12. Alice Krehbiel says:

    Are there tornado shelters at Hendrix College? Thank you!

  13. Ebony Brooks says:

    I have fell in love with your cashew brittle & was wanting to know if there are any stores in Little Rock that sells your brittle? If not I didn’t see a link where I could order some.

  14. Blanche Scioli says:

    We plan to vacation in the Delta Region [Fairfield Bay] in fall’14 and would like to know apprx. peak date for fall foliage. Need to book my time-share now at Fairfield Bay and Kat is seems to be my kind of person, looking for quirky happenings, places and good local eats. Coming from PA to Graceland to AR. Thanx mucho for any input.

    • Kat Robinson says:

      Blanche, fall foliage is sometimes hard to determine — but these past few years it’s hit strong in the Fairfield Bay region during the first two weeks of November.

  15. Barbara Swartz says:

    I was taken back back by Petit. Jean State Park and all the options available for a vacation. How far is the park area from Atlanta , Ga?

  16. Karen Hall says:

    My daughter and I are going to be traveling from Tennessee to the Grand Canyon in April and will be passing through Arkansas.
    We are looking for a place to visit along the way. How is the weather there that time of year?
    We like to camp and love wildlife.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Kerry Kraus says:

      Hi Karen,
      April is usually the beginning of spring in Arkansas. Here is a general overview of April weather. If you’d like a vacation planning kit, send your mailing address to info@arkansas.com and we’ll put one in the mail to you.


      average maximum temperature 72.5
      average minimum temperature 52.6
      average precipitation 5.10 inches
      southwesterly winds

      April is considered to be the first true spring month with more consistent warmer temperatures. April also has the highest average rainfall. This early spring period is the time when the cabin fever blues of winter are washed away by spring showers and sunshine.

  17. Liz Beach says:

    Good afternoon. I just wanted to share with you and hopefully your readers: The Krewe of Jesters Presents the Third Annual Boati Gras in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas the first Saturday in August! Live Music, Mardi Gras Food, Mardi Gras Parade, Festivities thoughout the day. Decorate a Boat and Join the Parade! Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Boats and Pontoon Boat Rentals! Free Fun for the whole Family!
    Please share with your readers. They can just come watch the parade and catch some beads and rubber ducks OR decorate their own boats and come join the parade. There is no sign up or fee…just come play. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

  18. Gordon says:

    What’s happening outdoors in Pine Bluff mid October?

  19. Joe says:

    My wife and I want to take the kids on vacation this winter to the mountains with guaranteed snowfall. Do the Ozarks or the Ouchita (sp?) mountains get snow all winter? We’re hoping to rent a cabin as well – so if you can turn us on to any places to find people advertising, that would be great. Thanks

    • Kerry Kraus says:

      Neither the Ozarks nor the Ouachitas get snow all winter. The Ozarks are farther north so the chances are better there will be snow there. December, January and February are the months when the snowfall will usually happen.

  20. Tammara says:

    Hey there! I’ve been following your weblog for a while now and finally got
    the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas!

    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

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