Baber and Lamb Win Song of Arkansas Contest

“A.R.K.A.N.S.A.S. Get There From Here” by Barrett Baber and Kenny Lamb is the winner of the Song of Arkansas contest, a promotion by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism that had musicians vying to see whose original tune would

Top Oaklawn Jockeys to Attend Special Event during Governor’s Conference on Tourism

A neat chance to meet some of the nation’s top  jockeys takes place in Hot Springs next week during the Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism ( March 3-5). Attendees of the conference have a chance to visit one-on-one with some

Thanks Verna for Garvan Woodland Gardens

Verna Cook Garvan was an Arkansas pioneer, being one of the first women in the state to own a construction/manufacturing business.  Her business savvy was evident early. Though Verna was raised to be “a proper lady,” she often accompanied her

Wondering How To Become at Bike Friendly Business? Joe Jacobs Can Tell You.

  Joe Jacobs will be hosting a session at the Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism ( March 3-5 in Hot Springs) covering How to Become a Bike Friendly Business. Since 2005, Jacobs has served as the manager of Marketing and

The Right Media Mix for Small Marketing Budgets

Figuring out how to target and reach a wide range of people across many changing demographic groups with a limited budget can be a daunting, yet necessary task. In the age of social media, finding the right balance between online

Miss Laura: A Colorful Character from Arkansas’s Wild West History

  We all have different sides to our personalities and it’s always fun to see the various aspects of people we know and admire.  One of the most ladylike and professional, in the truest sense, women I know is Carolyn

Art Meripol: Arkansas Photographer Extraordinaire

Don’t you just love it when an Arkansan makes their mark in the world in positive fashion? It does us all proud. Photographer Art Meripol, an Arkansas native, has done just that. No one shoots the South and all her

A $ensible Approach to Growing Tourism

The Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism, taking place March 3-5 in Hot Springs, provides the perfect opportunity to gain information to help your tourism industry business. For example, the panelists for the Tuesday session, “A $ensible Approach to Growing Tourism,”

Trends in Online Marketing and Ways to Promote Your Tourism Website

If you’re interested in information on past, present and future trends in online marketing or great online gadgets, tools and resources, don’t miss the concurrent sessions presented by Susan Sweeney on Tuesday, March 5 at the Arkansas Governor’s Conference on

“Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation:” Seth Mattison Featured at the 2013 Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism

Seth Mattison is a widely-regarded expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics. His energetic presentations bring an entirely unexpected perspective on the future of work, talent, innovation, and the generations. Seth blends storytelling from his own personal experiences working with