Arkansas Stages of Motorycycle Cannonball Run Start Tomorrow

Zoie Clift


For those of you following the cross-country journey of the
Motorcycle Cannonball Run, riders are coming through Arkansas tomorrow and will
be in the state for three days. The ride is being divided into 16 stages (and
goes through 11 states) and participants are riding classic pre-1916
motorcycles. Nearly 70 riders have
signed up for the first-year event, in hopes of proving the durability and
reliability of their nearly century-old equipment.  They started from North Carolina on Sept. 10 and are making
their way across the U.S. on a 16-day, 3,300-mile trek to Santa Monica,

Plans call for the riders to leave Lula, MS early in the
morning (Sept 16) between 7:45-8:45 a.m. They will cross the bridge at
Helena-West Helena and make their journey at around 35mph to Stuttgart. They
arrive in Stuttgart around 11:30 a.m. They will be on Main Street at 6th
and Main near the duck calling stage and will have their bikes on display. They
will then travel on to
Hot Springs.   The first bikes will
begin arriving there at 4 p.m. The final group of riders will arrive around
4:55 p.m.
The riders
will come into the city on Malvern Avenue then take a right on Convention
Boulevard, then a right on Laurel Street, which runs between the Embassy Suites
hotel and the Summit Arena.

The classic antique motorcycles then
will be parked on Church Street behind the Convention Center where they will be
on public display until 6 p.


September 17 is a rest day in Hot
Springs (the only rest day of the trip!) and riders will be in town all day.


Stage 8: September 18:  The riders
leave Hot Springs and travel 143 miles and hit Danville  (where they will stop for
lunch. The bikes will be on display during this time in town-they are also
scheduled to ride up Mount Magazine) and Fort Smith (with an overnight stay in
Fort Smith. The bikes will be on display in town).

You will also be able to catch glimpses
of them as they travel the roads on their journey through the state.  To
stay up to speed on where they will be, check the blogs and articles and bios
about the riders up at the event website. The site will be updated daily
with posts, photos, and videos from the road.  We will also be following
the riders on their venture here and will keep you posted of their adventures
in Arkansas.

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