Arkansas Trails Day is May 7!

Zoie Clift


May 7 has
been deemed Arkansas Trails Day! 
The annual event highlights the state’s diversity of trails.

to Arkansas Trails Council (ATC) Chairman Bert Turner, “Trails Day is simply an
opportunity for everyone to get out and have some fun on our trails while
celebrating the unmatched system of trails we are fortunate to have here in The
Natural State.”

found in Arkansas cover a wide recreation outlet including hiking, biking, horse back
riding, kayaking, running, climbing, ATV riding and more.

celebration’s main event is focused in and around North Little Rock’s
Burns Park.  The day-long
celebration, which kicks off at 9, will conclude
with a “convergence” of trail users at 4 near Victory Lake in Burns Park.


activities outlined for the day include road and mountain bike rides, Leave No
Trace workshops, canoe floats led by The Arkansas Canoe Club, horseback rides,
and specialized nature hikes offering the opportunity to study
trees, plants, mushrooms, and edible plants along the routes.

In addition
to the activities in central Arkansas, outdoor enthusiasts around the state can join in the celebration at various venues as well as city, state, and
national parks.

added that the event is a celebration of trails throughout the state and if any
group or agency would like to host an event on May 7 to help celebrate
Arkansas’s trail system, please feel free to do so.  The type of event is up to you (hiking, road biking,
mountain biking, equestrian, canoeing, kayaking, off-road vehicle, nature
walks, history walks, speakers, book signings, educational seminars, etc.) and
does not have to be approved by the Arkansas Trails Council.  For more information contact ATC Vice
Chairman Noah Grady at 501-470-3164 or Bert Turner at:  501-753-7578. For more
details, visit



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