One Tank Travels: Ozark Folk Center

I went up to Mountain View this past month to join lady bloggers from all over the state at the second Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference.  This year’s event was held at the Ozark Folk Center, a unique treasure of

The Food of September: Grapes

With summer coming to an end this month, it’s prime time for the harvest of a popular Arkansas crop:  grapes. They come in endless varieties, colors and sweetness and they’re best sought out at farmers markets across the state. Arkansas does

One Tank Travels: Blue Spring

It could be argued that Blue Spring is one of the oldest attractions in Carroll County, having been bubbling up constantly clear 54 degree water at the rate of 38 million gallons a day for longer than humankind has been

Company’s Comin’ Pie at the Cliff House Inn

Scenic Highway Seven used to have a whole lot of traffic, especially the stretch from Russellville up to Harrison. That was the way to Dogpatch USA when I was a kid, and you passed all sorts of great stuff like stunning

Burgers and Pie at a truck stop in Ozark

I tend to like truck stops. They usually offer decently clean bathrooms, 24 hour service and some crazy items. And sometimes they have good restaurants, though that tends to be with the older places. This place I’m going to tell

Peachy-Keen at the Johnson County Peach Festival in Clarksville

I love me some peaches. I can do serious damage to a quart box of the yellow-red fruit. For me, the juicier the better. They’re best eaten wearing an old t-shirt while sitting on a porch swing, or on a

The Food of August: Watermelon

It’s August. It’s hot and sweaty, and the temperatures even at night are warm and damp from the humidity. But Arkansas has a blessing of a bounty that comes to market at this time of year… the glorious watermelon.  

One Tank Travels: Natural Dam

Many of the destinations we’ve featured in our series have been bustling cities. Some have been quaint little towns. There’s really just one reason you go to Natural Dam, and that’s for the dam itself. The little spot on Highway

One Tank Travels: Building a Picnic on US 65

Taking a ride up Highway 65 to Harrison, Eureka Springs and other great destinations? If you’re traveling with family and wanting to create something special for a picnic, or if you’re wanting to experience some unique Arkansas foods, here’s a

Goodbye Mr. Chip

I was on my way home Saturday night about 8:30 when I noticed the action over at Chip’s Barbecue. It’s the closest restaurant to my house, and I’ve had many a dinner there. The sign was being changed. The next
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