Burgers: The Return of The Box, a Little Rock favorite

There has been these past two years a great wringing of hands amongst burger lovers in Central Arkansas, all over a single burger joint. And that wringing has been justified. See, it’s all about The Band Box, or The Box

PurpleHull, Please

Emerson’s getting a reputation, nowadays, for having one of Arkansas’s hottest food festivals. We’re not talking about the spice; we’re talking about pure honest heat in the bottomlands of the state’s Timberland region. The Emerson PurpleHull Pea Festival and World

Off The Vine: Heirloom Tomatoes Revived For Market

There’s nothing like the flavor of a cool, fresh farm-raised tomato on a hot Arkansas summer day. These past years, it’s been harder to find those heirloom tomatoes at market. But the Arkansas Agriculture Department and the University of Arkansas

Look Up! Great War Memorial Balloon Race This Weekend in Little Rock

If you’re in central Arkansas this weekend, don’t be surprised to see a bright burst of color in the sky.  More than two dozen hot air balloons from all across the United States are participating in the Great War Memorial

One Tank Travels: The Pimento Cheese Trail

There are many Southern delights that come easily to the mind — fried chicken (often with waffles), biscuits and gravy, barbecue and fried green tomatoes. But there’s one staple of the South often overlooked… the humble pimento cheese. While there

One Tank Travels: Doughnuts Galore

Whatever area of the state you are in, wherever you plan to go, chances are you’re going to find a classic fried breakfast pastry waiting at your destination. Arkansas is blessed with doughnuts. Whether it’s big fluffy golden flour rounds,

The Food of Wakarusa

Arkansas, like other states, has its share of festivals and fairs throughout the year.  Standard fair fare usually centers on easy to cook fried items and high-sugar desserts.  But one Arkansas festival has a completely different view on things. Wakarusa

One Tank Travels: Little Rock’s Burger Corridor

A lot of towns across Arkansas have good restaurants that make great burgers. Little Rock has more than its share. But there’s a particular bit of highway that runs through town that seems to draw good burgers in. That’d be

First PurpleHull Peas Harvested Near Emerson

The Arkansas standard for crowder peas, the majestic PurpleHull Pea, is a celebrated plant in my family. Seasons can be marked by them. The beginning of true summer, that is to say mid-June, is met with the first harvest of

One Tank Travels: Pie in the River Valley

Arkansas is blessed with a lot of good desserts… and many of those desserts are pie. From one side of the state to the other, you could eat pie all day and still find so many variations. So go fill
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