Biggest Burger in Arkansas at Ed Walker’s Drive-In

There are a lot of places around the state that proclaim the largest this-or-that. When it comes to single-patty burgers, you won’t find one larger than the Giant Hamburger at Ed Walker’s Drive-In in Fort Smith. Ed Walker’s is known

Go Early, Go Often to the Greek Food Festival

This weekend is the annual International Greek Food Festival at Little Rock’s Greek Annunciation Church out on Napa Valley Road.  It’s the 28th year for the event.  I’ve been going since it was pretty darn small — and since I

Burgers: Wink’s Malt Stand in North Little Rock

There are a lot of dairy bars and drive-ins out there that could be interchangeable. That’s not to say the burgers from such a place aren’t any good — they usually are. Those sort of burgers are marked by good

One Tank Travels: Cave City to Mammoth Spring

We invite you to have “More Fun Per Gallon”  in Arkansas this year. Each day we will be blogging on different Arkansas destinations which can be reached on one tank of gas or less. This is basically every corner of

The Potter in the Old General Store: Osage Clayworks

Just off U.S. 412 between Alpena and Huntsville, you’ll see an old building standing to the south. The old Stamps General Store has been located there since 1901, but the business closed down decades ago. Still, the store is busy
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