Back to Nature: Scuba Diving Treasure Hunt

Jill M. Rohrbach
The annual Underwater Treasure Hunt on Aug. 21 in Jordan is a unique event to participate in or to watch. Certified scuba divers search underwater (no deeper than 40 ft.) for tokens and return them for prizes. The event takes place at Sand Island on Norfork Lake, and is a benefit for the American Cancer Society. This southern part of the lake — the Jordan area — has natural, white, sandy beaches. So, a sandcastle contest and scavenger hunt for those who don’t dive is also part of the fun.

The event is put on by Dan and Denise Weber, the fabulous owners of Jordan Marina. They are great dive instructors too. Admission is $30 for scuba divers, but free for spectators. Call 870-499-7348 or visit for more information.

A lot of dive clubs and dive shop groups from Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma are drawn to Norfork Lake. These waters are a unique draw because it’s really hard to find good diving without going to the ocean. Good recreational diving can be found at 20 feet to 40 feet on Lake Norfork, which has 31 marked dive sites. Some of the marked sites are as deep as 70 feet with a couple wall dives down to 150 feet below the surface. Diving on this lake is best from April to October with greatest visibility between 40 feet and 60 feet in the spring. The closer you get to the dam the clearer the water.

Other reasons to dive Norfork Lake: it’s refreshing to dive in a clean, clear lake; and, it costs more money to get to the ocean.

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2 comments on “Back to Nature: Scuba Diving Treasure Hunt
  1. Greg Weinmann says:

    This easily couold be one of the last of these sort of events on Norfork Lake. The White River Minimum Flow Project will put Sand Island and the other white sand Norfork Lake beaches underwater most years. This is a big impact to tourism in our state. Thousands of visitors will no longer have the beaches to play on. You might call this “BP and the beaches, Arkansas style. Please contact me for more information if you wish or care. Afterall, it’s all about the trout, right?

  2. Jack Somers says:

    I think most people would be absolutely amazed at the diversity of life and landscape deep underwater. I know I would! 😛 But seriously, I’ve never been scuba diving here in Arkansas, but it looks like Norfork would be a great location. Thanks for the post.


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