Zoie Clift
While returning from a run at Two Rivers Park recently I drove
past a hot air balloon about to launch in a field outside the park. I pulled
over to get a closer look at the takeoff. Due to wind conditions the balloon
wasn’t able to take off that day (they rescheduled the ride for a later date)
but I did get to meet the owner of the balloon- David Hoover. He is owner of
BalloonLR and he said they give tours. The tours offer views of Pinnacle
Mountain, the Arkansas River, Chenal Mountain, and Lake Maumelle. They fly year
round but the peak season is March to Oct. Keep on the lookout for an article
on hot air ballooning next year. For more info on the company, check out

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  1. Ashley Meredith says:

    My husband and I went on a balloon tour with David Hoover and his crew. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys a little adventure!

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