Black Crappie Caught at Lake Wilhelmina Lands New State Record

Zoie Clift


A record breaking black crappie
was caught at Lake Wilhelmina in Mena this month. The fish was reeled in by
Donivan Echols, 11, of Mena and 
weighed 5 pounds. The fish was caught on a 12-pound test line at Lake
Wilhelmina, which covers about 200 acres and was created by a 1,240-foot dam in
1957. The lake is known for it’s healthy crappie population. The previous state
record was held by Danny Burfield of Oklahoma, who caught a 4-pound, 9-ounce
black crappie in 1976.
According to a news release via the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Echols catch might
break more than state records.  An
article posted to their site said:


‘According to the International Game Fish Association, the
all-tackle for black crappie is a 5-pound fish caught April 21, 2005, by John
R. Horstman from a private lake in Missouri. The Fresh Water Fishing Hall of
Fame and Museum recognizes a 6-pound fish caught Nov. 28, 1969, by Lettie
Robertson from Westwego Canal in Louisiana. The 12-pound line-class record for both organizations is a
4-pound, 4-ounce fish caught by Sheril Harris, March 18, 1984, on Paint Creek
in Alabama.’

Way to go Donivan!

Above photos courtesy of Rocky Stop.
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4 comments on “Black Crappie Caught at Lake Wilhelmina Lands New State Record
  1. Jake says:

    No Way thats 5 lbs! I have caught 4 lb Crappie that would swallow that thing.

    Nothing against the kid but that scale needs to be checked.

    Something is “Fishy” about that.

  2. Wallace says:

    That fish won’t make 3 lbs. Closer to 2.5 maybe.

  3. Mark Lazarus says:

    You guys are just jealous that’s not you posing in that pic with a 5 lb. state record! LOL!!

  4. joe says:

    I’ve never seen a 5 lb crappie before but that’s gotta be a joke. If that is I have a freezer full of 5lbrs then. Lol he might go 2.

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