Bradley hosts Governor Conway Days

Zoie Clift
The 25th annual
Governor Conway Days takes place this weekend (March 26-27) in Bradley. The
festival is a nod to the state’s first governor, James Sevier Conway. If you
go, be sure to stop by Conway Cemetery State Park for a complete glimpse into
this slice of the state’s history. The park is an eleven-acre historic site
that includes the family plot of the former Conway home site cotton plantation.
To reach the park from Bradley, travel two miles west on Ark. 160 to the
community of Walnut Hill, then turn south on the county road and go 1/2 mile to
the park.

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2 comments on “Bradley hosts Governor Conway Days
  1. Rachel Headd says:

    Where is the best area for a single person to move in your state? I am retired and am applying to teach there. I don’t want to live in the hilly area or near the water. How long is the winter season?

  2. Zoie Clift says:

    Hi Rachel–Thanks for your note. As to your question, the best area for a person to move here depends on what the person is looking for. Each of our cities has something different to offer. Here is a link to check out more about them:
    We also have a page dedicated to moving here which can be found here:
    As to the winter season here, here is a link to find out more about our weather:
    Hope this helps~

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