Famous Arkansan: Sonora Louise Smart

Several well-known people have
roots in Arkansas. The list runs the gamut from Johnny Cash to Jermain Taylor.
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. Today,
Meet: Sonora Louise Smart

Zoie Clift
Father’s Day is today and
this month’s famous Arkansan has a strong tie to the day. Sonora Louise
Smart (1882-1978) is a Jenny Lind (Sebastian County) native credited with
creating the holiday.
The holiday was first observed in Spokane, Washington,
in 1910 where she and her family then lived. Dodd wanted a special day to honor
her father, William Smart, an Arkansas farmer and widower, who raised six
children by himself. (He also was a member of The First Arkansas Light
Artillery which was organized at Fort Smith and fought in the battle of Pea
Ridge in 1862.)
It wasn’t until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson signed a
presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day.
In 1972 President Nixon established the permanent national observance of the
holiday. The holiday is also celebrated worldwide. 

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