Geocaching Friday: Wynne

On Fridays, I’ll share some of my favorite geocaching spots throughout The Natural State. Even if you’re not a cacher, the Friday blogs will feature towns and attractions throughout the eastern section of Arkansas…perfect for a weekend trip!
Kimberly J. Williams
Happy Friday! As geocachers will tell you, the caches that you DON’T find or don’t find easily are the ones you remember most. One of my first caches I marked as a “Did Not Find” (known as DNF) drove me crazy for several months. That cache, named Caboose Too, is located in Wynne.

Wynne has a total of 37 caches within a 10-mile radius of the town. The caches range in difficulty, so if you’re caching with a youngster, you have a great variety to hunt.

Here’s the thing about caching. It’s addictive. And sometimes the easiest cache can become the hardest. Take the cache I mentioned above, Caboose Too. The cache is rated as a 1.5 difficulty, with 1.0 being the easiest. It took me SEVEN visits to find that cache…and I only found it because the “owner” of the cache gave me a hint. My friends and family got to the point of refusing to go with me to Wynne, because they knew I would have to spend at least a half hour looking for the cache. When I finally found it, I felt foolish. It was an easy find…I was just making it harder than it should have been!

If you plan a caching trip to Wynne, you’ll definitely have to check out Village Creek State Park. Village Creek has some great caches, located throughout the picturesque park. Village Creek is a great place to spend the day, whether you’re geocaching, picnicking, hiking, horseback riding, biking or just sitting and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Village Creek State Park is hosting a Geocaching 101 Workshop on March 27 for anyone wanting to learn more about caching. I’ll be leading the workshop, which is geared toward those with little or no geocaching experience. If you’d like to attend, contact Village Creek State Park at 870-238-9406 for more information.

It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend in The Natural State. Get out and enjoy it!! Have a great weekend!!

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2 comments on “Geocaching Friday: Wynne
  1. Justin Murphree says:

    I have come to enjoy your Friday Geocaching Blogs. I had a scary adventure at Village Creek State park when I was doing the Arkansas State ParkCache Challenge. As I was signing the log an approximately forty foot rotten tree fell and landed just at my feet. Kinda scary, but it didn’t keep me from signing the log and continuing on down the road for more caches! Keep the blogs coming. Will you ever blog about other areas of the state, or just the eastern half?

  2. Kim Williams says:

    Justin, I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog. There are times when I’ll include other sections of the state, but I’ve been sticking to my 26 county territory so far. Justin, I believe we met at the Fired Up for Geocaching event in Smackover several months ago! I’ll definitely have to do a blog on the El Dorado/Smackover caches in the future. There are some of the most interesting caches I’ve ever encountered in that area! Keep reading, Justin!

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