Guided Kayaking Trips on Lake Ouachita


Zoie Clift


It’s kayaking time! Though several
waterways here can be used year-round, spring is the best time for good water
levels. Don’t have a kayak yet? Don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of
spots around the state to rent them from or you could even try a guided trip.
Speaking of, one outfitter in Hot Springs is now offering guided
kayaking/camping trips on Lake Ouachita.
The outfit offers the trips in
the spring, May-July, and in the fall, September-November. “We have some set
trip dates for people to just sign up or parties of 4 can sign up for a private
trip and pick their own date,” said Kristal Mackey of Ouachita Outdoor
Outfitters. Mackay said the guides take care of everything from the equipment
to setting up the tents to cooking the food ( which includes dutch oven meals).


 Participants meet at Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters (112
Blackhawk Lane) and go through an orientation. “Then we drive them to Lake
Ouachita, put in on the lake, and show them around, “ said Mackey. “Our guides
not only teach them correct paddling technique and entertain them with
interesting facts about Lake Ouachita, they will also cook, set up and take
down gear, build campfires, and do whatever it takes for the participants to
have an enjoyable overnight camping experience on the lake.” For more details,
visit or
call 501-767-1373. Of note, due to the recent storms of late, be on the lookout for flooding conditions. As always, be safe out there and be sure to be aware of water levels and to stay updated on weather conditions.
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