Information on Winter Road Conditions at

IDriveArkansas_RoadSign_vmagThis winter weather is a good chance to take advantage of the new website from the folks at the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. The website has updated information on different road conditions ( info on traffic, construction zones) and a dedicated color coded map ( click on the snowflake) outlining specific winter road conditions such as whether a road is clear, has snow, heavy snow, slush, sleet, ice, ice patches, or is flooded. A number is also given for updates on these conditions: 501-569-2374.  Information on Arkansas Welcome Centers, highway rest areas, weight restricted roads and bridges, and commuter park and ride lots are also included at the site.



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23 comments on “Information on Winter Road Conditions at
  1. Kim Wright says:

    Any news on local roads in Van BUren area and also up the interstate to Fayetteville? Need to get there.

  2. Nell Doyle says:

    Highway map taking a very, very long time to load. Need more bandwidth?

  3. Kathy says:

    Road conditions from Memphis to Saline County I-40 and I-30?

  4. Sheila says:

    road conditions to missouri state line

  5. John Rago says:

    Systems you support are way out of date. Ever heard of Apple or Android? How about graphics for winter road conditions.

  6. Justin Wayne says:

    Im trying to get to work from Ash Flat, Ar. To Stuttgart,Ar. Thru bald knob, Augusta,ar.on hwy 33N,to Dixie, ar @ hwy 70E then from Devalls Bluff to US 63S to Stuttgart Municipal Airport.. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Don’t wanna be stranded hours away from home and or work..thanx J.Wayne

  7. Road cond. for hwy 64 to Little Rock

  8. Rebekah Brading says:

    does anyone know how Lawson road is going west?

  9. Susan Parlier says:

    This IDriveArkansas site is not user friendly. Surely there must be a better way to give more accurate, easily accessed info on current road conditions.

  10. Debbie says:

    How is I30 between Malvern and Little Rock and I430 north?

  11. Shawne Herman says:

    55n@Osceola Ak…stopped traffic

  12. Margy says:

    Siitting on I40 about 60 miles from Memphis in a dead stop. Can you tell us why

  13. Tony says:

    How are the road condition from Pocahontas, Ar. to Poplar, Mo.?

  14. LaNan says:

    I need to know how traveling AR25 in the mountains to Mt. VIEW is on the mountain roads.

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