It’s Fair Time!

Kimberly J. Williams

When the weather changes from full-blown summer to the first inklings of fall, I have a term that I’ve used since I was about four – carnival weather! There’s a crispness in the air and the temperature is cooler…the perfect time to jump astride a beautifully decorated carousel horse and ride your cares away…. whether you’re seven or 70! And that crispness is definitely in the air right now!

In The Natural State, several long-time county fairs opened this week. The St. Francis County Fair in

Forrest City

, the

Carroll County Fair



, the

85th annual Randolph County Fair and Livestock Show



, and the

105th annual Benton County Fair



all opened their doors earlier this week.

Next week the

Hot Spring County Fair



, the

118th annual Cleburne County Fair


Heber Springs

, and the

Searcy County Fair



open the gates to the throngs of thrill-seeking, cotton candy-eating, fun-loving fans who can’t wait to experience the sights and sounds that can only be found at a carnival or fair.

Take a look at the

Calendar of Events

for more information on all the upcoming county fairs in The Natural State. Admit it…you’re thinking about a caramel apple or a pronto pup right now, aren’t you?


Photo courtesy of the Times-Herald of Forrest City

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  1. Joseph Rocheleau says:

    I need a list of the 2009 County Fairs. I have tried your calender of events, but it gives all the events. I need to know the dates of the fairs for Sept. and Oct. This will help me plan for 2010.
    Thanks Joe

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