Kayaking Arkansas


Zoie Clift

It’s kayaking time! Though several waterways can be used
year-round, spring is the best time for good water levels. Best known of all
the Arkansas streams is the Buffalo National River, federally protected to stay
just as it is for generations to come. But there are many more options for
paddlers to take on.

Below are the 18 major Arkansas waterways divided by level
of difficulty. Just click on the river name below to find further details on
each. Some qualify for more than one classification because of different
sections of difficulty found along the river. Take care out there and enjoy the
view from the water!


Class I: Easy- Moving water with few
riffles and small waves:



lass II: Medium: Fairly frequent but
unobstructed rapids:



Class III: Difficult: Numerous rapids
with high and irregular waves:



Class IV: Very Difficult: Long rapids
characterized by high and irregular waves with boulders directly in swift

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