Lowery’s Camp Albert Pike Open for 2011 Season


We just got word from the folks at Lowery’s Camp Albert Pike that their store and rental cabins ( they have 7)  are open for the 2011 season.  Lowery’s Camp Albert Pike is a family owned and operated business ( for more than 50 years!) on the Little Missouri River, located just inside the Ouachita National Forest, the oldest national forest in the South. In the spring, the Little Missouri is a popular target for canoes and kayakers.  And for those into fishing as in the spring, the river is stocked with rainbow trout.
The area, ( which is named after Albert Pike, a Confederate General) is rich with history of Indians and settlers. The Caddo Indians lived and hunted in the area for many years before the settlers came and homesteaded the area. Evidence of Indian life is still being discovered at archeological digs near Winding Stairs. Arrowheads and flint chips are plentiful in the road beds and trails.
Lowery’s Camp Albert Pike is located at 2857 Albert Pike Road , 5 ½ miles north of Langley on Hwy 369. Call Jesse
Lowery at 870-356-3964 or visit www.campalbertpike.com for more details. Lowery’s Camp Albert Pike is not U.S. Forest
Service property-it is privately owned. For more details on the current status of the Albert Pike recreation area following the flood last summer, call the folks at the Ouachita National Forest at 501-321-5202.


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16 comments on “Lowery’s Camp Albert Pike Open for 2011 Season
  1. Jennifer says:

    Are they going to rebuild the camp sites that were destroyed by the floods last year? That was one of our favorite places to camp!

  2. Janice McRae says:

    Thanks so much for the nice article, Zoie!

  3. Zoie Clift says:

    Hi Jennifer–There is no word yet on when or if the campgrounds will be open for the 2011 season. Once we hear details on the status of the Albert Pike recreation area, we will be sure to keep everyone posted~thanks~

  4. Zoie Clift says:

    Thanks Janice!

  5. Shirley Platt says:

    The campgrounds should NEVER re-open!

  6. Alan Coker says:

    Camp Albert Pike is one of the most beautiful camping destinations there are. You must go see the Little Missouri Falls!!! You will not regret it!

  7. Zoie Clift says:

    The last report we received, the USDA Forest Service had closed their Albert Pike Campground. At this time future plans are uncertain. We will keep everyone updated once we hear more.

  8. Tina Stuchel says:

    Thank you for reopening this year. We will always remember and respect those who left us in the flood but I can almost guarantee everyone of them would want us to continue to enjoy Mother Nature in her finest. Flash floods happen everywhere and anywhere and death can come anytime, anywhere so thank you for opening and know that us campers will use caution and care in being prepared in the future

  9. G. W. Adams says:

    So very sad the tragedy of last year. We pray for those who lost loved ones but we must go on. The park is for all and should be reopened.

  10. rachel powell says:

    We love camping at the Albert Pike area. We usually take a left at the bathrooms and go up the mountain about 2 miles. We think it is Bard Springs ? Can we camp there for the weekend?

  11. Zoie Clift says:

    Hi Rachel- The Albert Pike Recreation Area is closed but Bard Springs is open. Thanks!

  12. mike whitten says:

    Can you send me a link to see the cabins for rent? I can’t find them anywhere online. Also – I know the swimming area says “closed” but can you still day swim anywhere?

  13. Zoie Clift says:

    Hi Mike-Jesse Lowery would be the one to ask to send a link for photos of the cabins. His contact information is 870-356-3964. Thanks!

  14. Jennifer Smith says:

    Hello Janice and Denver, I have camped at the pike my whole life and so did my parents. We miss camping up there so much. All the friends we made and the memories. Do you think they will open this summer or ever reopen the park? P.S. The memoiral for the flood is very nice. If they don’t reopen we will stop by the store and see you all on our way to the second low water bridge, for a day in the wonderful, cool, clear, and clean water.

  15. Kristi says:

    Hello, my family and I are looking for a place similar to Albert Pike in Arkansas to camp. Does anyone know if such a place exist? thanks!

  16. Kelle says:

    Have they repaired and opened the bath houses there?

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