Marlsgate Plantation Is Still Open For Business

Kerry Kraus

We all know how rumors get started. Well, due to an erroneous newspaper report, a rumor has started that Marlsgate Plantation in Scott has been sold and is now closed. Au Contraire! The stately 1833 home is still open for business as usual with host David Garner welcoming guests to dinners, receptions, gatherings, weddings and other special group events. If you have a special event coming up and would like information on Marlsgate, call 501-961-1307.
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One comment on “Marlsgate Plantation Is Still Open For Business
  1. Linda Waddell Rose says:

    Mr. Garner,

    If you read this, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the tour, the warm southern hospitality and the history of your plantation. I was part of the Bapitist Church tour on Tuesday, 2-28-12.

    I would love to see the grounds when all is in bloom. Hard to believe it could be more beautiful.

    The women with the dark curly hair, as though there was only one.

    Thank you again for the adventure.


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