Mud Run!

Zoie Clift


The Mud Run, aka Little
Rock’s Dirtiest 5K, is coming up! The race starts at 9 am ( ish) at Two Rivers Park this Saturday ( Oct. 23). If you’ve run this
event before you know that costumes are key as well as a sense of
humor and willingness to get completely drenched in dirt. As the saying goes,
the only thing serious about this run is… the mud. All the details are at

and a quick look at the website will give the rundown
of hints, tips, inklings, advise, and suggestions. For example:

“Participants run,
walk, skip, trot, cavort through our 5K(ish)  course, which winds through
the scenic trails of Two Rivers Park.  Participants must overcome an
“obstacle” or two along the way. Then,
participants finish with a spectacular frolic (but in most cases romp)
through our world-renowned 300-foot mud pit, which is filled with that amazing
Arkansas mud.The point is not to finish fast but to finish with style.”

A few tips of the
helpful hints section include:

Wear your grungy
clothes and old sneakers, because more than likely they won’t be going home
with you.

Wear a cool costume
(come on – all the kids are doing it)

If a course marshal
looks confused – take that as a sign that you may be taking a wrong turn.  If
a course marshal is laughing uncontrollably he or she may have knowingly turned
you the wrong way or you had a wardrobe malfunction.

In other words, Mud Marshals have
“ultimate power”. If you do not crawl through the mud pit properly or if you do
not execute the “obstacle” properly, they will send you back through. You
must ask the Mud Marshals for permission to enter the mud pit a second time. Also,  Mud Marshals will escort participants caught trying to skip the mud pit
through the pit.

Sounds good to me. Ready to get muddy?


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