New Diamond Experience at Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines in Mount Ida

Below is some news  sent to us by the folks at Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines in Mount Ida. I haven’t checked out the new diamond activity yet but am scheduled to head that way hopefully in August sometime. In the meantime, below  is a news release they sent us about it.  
Mount Ida, Arkansas: This summer, Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines in Mount Ida opened
their newest activity: “The Diamond Experience”. Each bag of
diamond bearing gravel contains a minimum of ½ carat t.w. which is
between 1 to 5 diamonds. 1 in every 8 bags contains a high grade
diamond, with a value of over $200. Pricing details are available at or by calling 870-867-2309. Of note, these
are not Arkansas diamonds. Diamonds for this activity come from the
Congo, Africa. For those wishing to search for Arkansas diamonds, Crater
of Diamonds State Park is a 50 minute drive from Mount Ida.

In other news at Wegner’s, with the installation of the new solar
photovoltaic panel array last month, another “green” goal was reached by
local business owner Richard Wegner, who owns Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines.

The new solar power is one of his newest efforts to become self-reliant in both his personal and business endeavors.

From the beginning of his business venture, he established sustainable
practices of recycling everything. He has built 12 ponds to protect the
watershed and has replanted 150,000 trees after mining.  He has an
extensive natural, organic garden that flourishes without chemicals and
provides donations to the county’s food pantry.

 In 2009, Wegner installed two wind turbines that generate up to 2.5 kwh
of electricity each.  Between the turbines, the passive heating and
now, the new solar photovoltaic panel array that combined supply an
additional 5 kw/hr, he is now free of paying for energy.   Of note is
that there are tax incentives and affordable solar electric with payback
in approximately 10 years. Wegner hopes to provide educational tours
for tourists and anyone who is interested in pursuing even the smallest
endeavor to help our planet. Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines is located at
82 Wegner Ranch Road.

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3 comments on “New Diamond Experience at Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines in Mount Ida
  1. cherie says:

    I’m looking for a vacation place to show my second time around family (already raised three sons) Now I have a new family- a small son – I want him to see this earth needs forests, clean water, and clean air for it to live like he does.

    Thank You
    For your time

    Of Tulsa Oklahoma

  2. Cyndy Taylor says:

    This sounds like so much fun! I haven’t dug for diamonds since I was a kid and I love crystals. And the bio of the power sources, garden/food pantry contributions, etc. is awesome.

  3. Gayla says:

    I like to buy organic. I am learning organic gardening for home use. Would love to see more organic gardens in NW, AR and around the world. Would love to receive organic fruits, vegetables…delivered to my home on Mount Gaylor. I would be happy to take a supply to local Farmers Market to sell in exchange for a personal weekly supply for home use. Blessings from Mount Gaylor

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