Ouachita Adventure Race!

Zoie Clift


The Ouachita Adventure Race
is coming up! The race is this Saturday and race headquarters are Mountain
Harbor Resor
t in Mount Ida.


Here is a quick race update from race director Brandon Butler: ‘The
Ouachita Adventure Race will be a challenging event with plenty of tough
terrain and some great surprises. Racing in this part of Lake Ouachita is
definitely challenging. Expect tough hills, creek crossings and plenty of
paddling. Bring plenty of bug repellent, the bugs are out there and waiting.
The temperature will be in the mid 70s to 80s and prepare for some rain; the
race will go on regardless of weather. If weather is a problem (ie: lighting)
the race start may be delayed or started on another section. Even if it is
raining or there are cooler temperatures make sure you plan on carrying water
with you anyway. Dehydration can happen at any temperature.’

course will be a mix of trails, forest roads, ATV trails and bushwhacking while
the paddling section will be on the open lake.

12 hour race consist of 6-8 miles of trekking, 15-25 miles of mountain biking,
a 6-10 mile paddling section,  and
a skills test that is determined by race staff prior to the event. Examples are
rappelling, rock climbing or team building tests. Racers will navigate through
the course using a map and compass, while collecting checkpoints along the
course. Racers plot a course using a UTM reader and coordinates, and navigate
terrain on a 1:24K topographic map. No Electronic devices other than an
altimeter may be used.
There will also be a Sprint Race Division. Sprint Course racers will be challenged with a route consisting of running, mountain biking, and paddling while collecting checkpoints throughout a marked course. All Sprint racers will have map and compass navigation throughout the course. Sprint racers will have ‘hints’ places throughout the course to aid in navigation and carry a passport to punch the appropriate checkpoints throughout the course. The sprint course is around 4-6 hours of racing. Dena Woerner,  our communications manager, will be doing her first adventure race in this division. They are Team Loco Rojo. Good luck to all teams this weekend! For more details visit www.ouachitaadventurerace.com.



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