Riding at Cedar Glades Park

Zoie Clift

In the midst of 432 acres of cedar forest, Cedar Glades Park is home to around 12 miles of singletrack and loop mountain bike trails in Hot Springs. The trails are divided into a 4.6 mile black ( most difficult) section, 3.9 miles of blue trails, and a 1.2 mile green route (easiest). If you are looking for trails sans many rocks, then this is it. The trail isn’t too technical but you’ll get a workout and it’s a blast to ride.

There is varying terrain with creek crossings, rolling climbs, downhills, bridges, switchback

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2 comments on “Riding at Cedar Glades Park
  1. Joe Jacobs says:

    Sometimes Beer Fairies show up: http://arkansasoutside.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/attila-the-hun-vs-arkansas-beer-fairies/ Also should mention that the Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race is coming up on Nov. 20th.

  2. Zoie Clift says:

    Hopefully I’ll catch a glimpse of the Beer Fairies next time am there-Thanks for sharing Joe!

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