RoadBike Magazine Covers Riding in the Ozarks

Zoie Clift


In this month’s RoadBike, David Bell covers riding in the Ozarks with a Top Ten list. Included in the lineup are:

Highway in the Ozarks: Arkansas 23 from Ozark to Eureka Springs

Best Road You Won’t Know About Unless Someone Tells You: Arkansas 221
south of Berryville

Ozark Valley Ride: Boxley Valley

Bridge in the Ozarks: The Cotter Rainbow Arch Bridge

Offbeat Thing to Do: Ride Across Bull Shoals Lake on the Peel Ferry

Free Entertainment: Folk Music on the Square in Mountain View

Thing to Do Off Your Bike: Float the Buffalo River

Off-the Beaten Path Stop: The Oark General Store
Museum: Saunders Memorial Museum, Berryville
Mile of Twisty Highway: Arkansas 155 to Mount Nebo State Park
Check out Bell’s article on pages 48-50 of the magazine.  

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