The 3rd Annual Flapjack 20 at Cane Creek State Park

Kimberly J. Williams

The name got your attention, right? Same here! This is a great opportunity for scouts, church groups and school groups!

Cane Creek State Park in Star City hosts the 3rd annual Flapjack 20 on Jan. 28-29. The Flapjack 20 is a nighttime 20-mile hike on the Cane Creek Lake Trail. After a night of hiking, participants enjoy a pancake breakfast with all the trimmings! The event is free.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? The deadline for registering is Wednesday, Jan. 26. For more details or to sign up for the event, contact Jessica or any of the nice staff members at Cane Creek State Park at 870-628-4714. Can’t you just taste those flapjacks right now!

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2 comments on “The 3rd Annual Flapjack 20 at Cane Creek State Park
  1. steve says:

    My boys are autistic they love to hike the trails but we have to take our time we may lag behind do you have to stay with the group to enjoy the pancakes

  2. Kim says:

    Hey, Steve! This is an outing only for youth groups. But I’ve no doubt that your boys would enjoy a trip to Cane Creek State Park, with or without the pancakes! Thanks for reading! kim

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