Animal Planet Television Show Finding Bigfoot is in Arkansas

foukelegendArkansas Business posted an interesting story today: The Animal Planet television show Finding Bigfoot is in Arkansas–Fouke to be exact.

According to the article, the television crew has been filming in the Fouke area since early January trying to find more evidence regarding the existence of bigfoot.

Fouke was selected for the television show because the Legend of Boggy Creek was filmed in 1972 in the town and the surrounding area. Here is a link to the full article.  Here is also a link to more about other legends of the state.

The report of a “big-foot-type monster” terrorizing a rural home outside of Fouke spawned The Legend of Boggy Creek, the documentary-style film by South Arkansas native Charles Pierce in the early 1970s. The film assured a place in folklore history for the Bigfoot look-a-like, which has allegedly been seen in and around Fouke since the 1940s.

boggytimeThe low budget, campy movie earned cult status and the familiarity of this tale and the regular resurgence in the media of yeti, Bigfoot, and caveman-like characters keep the legend alive. The Fouke legend continued to spread beyond the original film via two sequels featuring the 7-foot-tall, ape-like creature (something of a Southern Sasquatch) that supposedly haunts the swampy Sulphur River bottoms of Miller County, south of Texarkana. A story about the creature was also featured on season 3 of the History Channel’s MonsterQuest series. They refer to the creature as the “Swamp Stalker.” Whatever you choose to call him/her, keep a lookout for a sighting!

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4 comments on “Animal Planet Television Show Finding Bigfoot is in Arkansas
  1. Dorothy Barnwell says:

    I love the finding Bigfoot team I watch every week…Cliff,Renae,Bobo, and Mike are really great at their techniques, wished I’d known sooner they were here. I would love a photo op with them!!!!! I think Bobo is my favorite…love those calls he does! Keep hunting guys, and find that Squatch! It’s getting a little squatchy around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  2. jackie says:

    My husband and I always watch the show and we live in Arkansas. Some of it to me is believable but I always wonder why they never seem to find a squatch on the show. You would think as much as they are out they would at find or see something on the show.

  3. Jeff richardson says:

    I watch finding Bigfoot. I also think if he’s out there they will find him. But seeing is believing.

  4. Randy says:

    Met a man in Herbine that has seen Bigfoot in this area . Took me to site and would not get out of truck. Scared to death but had rifle with him.

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