This Weekend in the North Central Ozarks

Kimberly J. Williams  
This weekend promises to be a beautiful one in the north central Ozarks. Check out some of the events going on throughout the area.

Experience fall in a whole new way as the Old Independence Regional Museum in Batesville hosts the Fall Festival Family Day on Oct. 23. The event offers a variety of hands-on activities for the entire family and is one of the three times each year the museum charges no admission fee. For details, log on to or phone 870-793-2121.

Have a frightfully good time in Maynard on Oct. 23 as the town’s Pioneer Park becomes home to the Pioneer Haunted House. Admission is free…if you’re brave enough to venture through the doors! For more details, phone 870-647-2701.

Pumpkins are aplenty this time of year. Learn how to make more than a jack-o-lantern from the orange globes as Historic Davidsonville Historic Park in Pocahontas hosts From Pumpkin to Pumpkin Pie on Oct. 23. Workshop participants will learn how to turn a pumpkin into pumpkin pie…just in time for Thanksgiving. Admission is $10. For details, contact the park at 870-892-4708.

Take some time this weekend to get out and enjoy the wonders of The Natural State!

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2 comments on “This Weekend in the North Central Ozarks
  1. Jim Huffman says:

    You do know that the Ozarks extend all the way north to the Missouri River? Our (Arkansas) portion of the Ozarks might more aptly be described as the ‘southern’ Ozarks.

  2. Kim says:

    Jim, I do realize that…and I should probably use some other term. I use NC Ozarks because Jill Rohrbach, one of the other ADPT travel writers, has the majority of the Ozarks. My territory encompasses 26 counties, most of which are in the Arkansas Delta. Believe me, we’ve tried using other terms, like eastern Arkansas, but it just seems best to use NC Ozarks and Arkansas Delta for my sections. But if you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!! :)

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