Time for the Texarkana Renaissance Faire

Looking for somewhere to wear that costume from the 16th-17th century? If so, the Texarkana Renaissance Faire is coming up!

This is the first year for the faire, which is set for Oct. 5-7 at the Four States Fair Grounds, and the idea for it started over a year ago.

“It was originally going to be a large “just because” Renaissance themed party for friends and family,” said event coordinator Hollie Ramsey. “While planning this party, I realized how great it would be to have an actual Renaissance faire in Texarkana and planning for a much larger event began.”

Ramsey said that for someone who has never been to a Renaissance faire before they can expect to be thrown back in time to the 1500s.

“A Renaissance faire is a festival influenced by what life was like back in the Renaissance era,” she said. “There will be music and magic, lords and ladies and gypsies roaming about. The grounds will be filled with wares from merchants who craft goods similar to what one would buy at a market 500 years ago. I’ve never met a person who was displeased with the “faire-going” experience – it’s like stepping into another world.”

Ramsey said the family friendly atmosphere of the faire will be warm and friendly and filled with vibrant colors and characters. “Much like what one would only read about in a fairy tale or see in a movie,” she added.

Roaming the grounds will be colorful characters including noblemen, peasants, gypsies, beggars, pirates, bards, and fairies.

Ramsey said that to her knowledge there is a Fantasy Faire in Fayetteville that occurs once a year too.

The faire will also have 30 unique vendors (no two are the same) and many professional Renaissance entertainers from around the U.S. 

As to details, the faire is open from 12-8 p.m. Oct 5-6 and from 12-7 p.m.  on Oct. 7. There is mention that all weapons, for example swords, rapiers, edged or pointed, etc, that are part of a costume must be sheathed and peace-tied. Admission is $8 for adults, and $4 for kids 5-12. Kids that are 4 and younger get in free. The Four States Fair Grounds is located at 3700 E. 50th Street. For more details visit www.texarkanarenfaire.com. See you there!


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2 comments on “Time for the Texarkana Renaissance Faire
  1. Blackbead the Pirate says:

    Ahoy, mates! I be Blackbead, Master of the crew of the ship ‘Adventure’! We be bloodthirsty cuthroats and rogues but we also have a sensitive side and love good poetry! For that very reason, our good ship must always have a ‘pirate laureate’. Come out and help us choose from three exceptional poets who write of the sea, the life of a pirate, adventure, glory, and gold! We’ll perform for you and you, judging us by our words and recitations, will ELECT the next ‘pirate laureate’ of the ‘Adventure’! All at the Texarkana Renaissance Festival!!

  2. I am a 62 year old disabled, but very much enjoy reniassace faire time,we moved here to SW Arkansas in 2010, from Upstate New York and we hardly ever missed a faire time in upstate New York, we are happy to see that we may still attend a faire here in the surrounding area of our home!! Looking forward to getting to come to your faire!!!! See you there!!

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