Tuesday Fitness Fix: Tackling the heat

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Tuesday for a fitness fix rundown. I’ll be on the lookout for running, cycling,
tri’s, adventure races, and other active outlets taking place around the state
that I’ll highlight each week. This week: Tackling the heat

Zoie Clift


I came across a recent
article in Businessweek.com the other day that  listed the country’s “laziest” states. States in the South
were heavily represented as was Arkansas, which according to the list, landed
the top 3 spot. Ouch.
To be fair, the study does say that climate plays a factor
in slowing down the pace of life. Going through heat waves and over 100 degree temps outside such as what
we’ve been seeing lately, I would agree with this, as having the motivation to
exercise when the temps top 100 is somewhat daunting. And can be dangerous of
However, exercising in the summer can still happen.  And many here do it. There is a flip
side to the recent Businessweek ranking in that you will  also find some of the toughest athletes
here in the state. Those that continue to be active in spite of the climate. To
battle the heat, early morning and 
dusk are of course obvious times when the sun has yet to try to roast
everyone. Another option is to stick by the water. Swimming or perhaps sailing.
The sport is easier to learn than one might think and there are spots across
the state via which to learn or race.

Yes, the heat is on but it  doesn’t have to take you out. Here are
some tips from Joe Decker, an ultra endurance athlete, on tackling summer

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