Tuesday Fitness Fix: Tackling the Womble Trail

Check here every Tuesday for a
fitness fix rundown. I’ll be on the lookout for running, cycling, tri’s,
adventure races, and other active outlets taking place around the state that I’ll
highlight each week. This week: The Womble

Zoie Clift


Known for it’s single
track, the 37-mile Womble trail is considered one of the best single-track
in this area and was picked by the International Mountain Bicycling
Association ( IMBA) as an Epic ride.

Each year IMBA selects a
handful of great trails around the world that receive this status. These are ‘must
ride’ routes for mountain bikers around the world to try out. Epics are
selected each year by a committee of IMBA staff. Just two or three new ones are
appointed in a given year. 
According to the
IMBA folks, whose headquarters are based in Boulder, CO, “criteria for the Epic
designation is quality: quality trails, a quality experience – something worth
celebrating. Whether you are into flowing singletrack, hang time or a mega
challenge, Epics feature something for everyone.”

There are currently 47 Epic
rides across the nation, including another Arkansas based trail, the Syllamo
Trails in Mountain View.

As to details of the Womble,
the trail stretches from Northfork Lake to the Ouachita National Recreation
Trail. Short segments of the trail meander along the bluffs of the Ouachita
River providing rewarding views. There are four trailhead parking areas: Round
Top Trail on Forest Road D75A, Highway 27 south of the bridge crossing Lake
Ouachita, North Fork Lake and Highway 298 trail intersection. The trail is also
accessible from the three float camps and adjacent forest roads. I rode the
entire route with my brother once and we still talk about the experience. If
you are up for taking on the route, more details can be found here.  

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2 comments on “Tuesday Fitness Fix: Tackling the Womble Trail
  1. John says:

    My friend and I are planning a trip this year for march to complete the womble trail. We have two days to complete it, what would be the best route to take from start to finish. Also is it ok to camp on the trail?

  2. Zoie Clift says:

    Hi John–Thanks for your question—I contacted Scott Hopkins, Ouachita Cycling Club Womble Trail Coordinator, and he said the best route would be from South to North. There are several camping areas just off the trail and are listed on USFS maps. An option would be to check with Hwy 27 Fishing Village just North of Mt. Ida. They have a shuttle that can take you to different points on the trail. You can ride from North Fork Lake to the Fishing Village on the first day then the second day go to the north end of the trail and ride back to the Fishing Village. Enjoy the trail!

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