Civil War at Ashley

  On September 7, 1863, Union and Confederate troops met each other at Ashley’s Mills, part of the Civil War’s Little Rock Campaign. A Union victory resulted in the fall of Little Rock and subsequent occupation. Saturday, September 8, this

Civil War Seminar at the Old State House Museum Saturday

  We are well into the continuing commemorations the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War. Saturday, August 25, the Old State House Museum is hosting its annual seminar on the subject. Entitled “A Divided Arkansas,” the event takes place from 9:30

Life of a Colonial Kid

As a kid, I remember visiting Arkansas Post National Memorial in Gillett at least once a year, sometimes more. It was a nice drive from Marianna to Gillett along Arkansas’s Great River Road, although when I was much younger, I was afraid

One Tank Travels: Helena-West Helena

 We invite you to have “More Fun Per Gallon”  in Arkansas this year. Each day we will be blogging on different Arkansas destinations that can be reached on one tank of gas or less. This is basically every corner of

One Tank Travels: Exploring Central Arkansas

  As I began researching this topic, I was amazed at the number of outlets in the area that protect and display the state’s military history. There are numerous war and veteran memorials all over Arkansas ranging from monuments to

This Day in Arkansas History: The Battle of Helena

 On July 4, 1863, daylight fell upon Helena, a river town that had been occupied by Union forces over the past year. Located along the banks of the Mississippi River, Helena held a strategic location along the mighty river between

One Tank Travels: Jacksonville

The town of Jacksonville has really been working the past several years to let people know what they have to offer visitors. There are some great things to see and do.  Of course, everyone immediately thinks of the Little Rock

Spend a

Spend Independence Day a little differently this year by having a “historic” one at Plantation Agriculture Museum State Park in Scott. Three different activities are scheduled for visitors to enjoy while honoring our country’s birthday. Learn about The Day and Life

Natural State Chautauqua in Smackover

    Chautauquas are local assemblies that flourished in the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They provided education combined with entertainment in the form of lectures, concerts, and plays and were modeled after activities at the

Lake Chicot State Park Hosts Civil War Event on Saturday

This Saturday, June 2, Lake Chicot State Park in Lake Village offers a series of lectures and discussions focusing on the Civil War in southeast Arkansas. The event begins at 8:45 a.m. with “Civil War Writings.” Letters, reports and diaries from the