Rental Pontoons at Blackburn's Resort on Norfork Lake Near Mountain Home

Blackburns Resort And Boat Rental

Package at a Glance

  • 24 ft. Starcraft with 90-HP motor -OR-
  • 24 ft. Party Barge 90-HP -OR-
  • 28 ft. Flote Boat 85-HP -OR-
  • 24 ft. Party Barge 50-HP
Blackburn's Resort on Norfork Lake offers 8 different pontoons all with fish locators, and some with trolling motors. 50-90 HP. 1 is 28ft. 6 are 24 ft. and 1 is 21 ft.. Life jackets included. Great for swimming, tubing, cruising or fishing. Price range is from $90/day-$150/day and $390/wk.-$600/week.
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The Fine Print

$65 damage, equipment loss, and cleaning fee charged at time of rental. Refunded after boat properly returned. Some boats are no pet, no fishing some are not.
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Lower Delta

How to Redeem:
Mention at the Time of Reservation
$90 - $150
734 CR 989
Mountain Home, AR 72653