Overnight Kayak and Backpacking Trip

Did you know that there are two overnight shelters at Cane Creek State Park? Spend the night at one of these shelters on our overnight kayak and backpacking trip. We will kayak to the shelters underneath a beautiful sunset, past the cypress stands and beaver lodges on Cane Creek Lake. Learn to use a Dutch oven and cook over open coals. After breakfast, enjoy a pleasant stroll back on the Cane Creek Lake Trail. This campout combines the best of what Cane Creek State Park has to offer. The weather is cool, the leaves are off of the trees, and the views are spectacular. Advance registration is required as space is limited. Contact the park for pricing information.
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Lower Delta

Saturday, November 07, 2015 - Sunday, November 08, 2015
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Cane Creek State Park
Visitor Center

Star City, AR 71667
Park Superintendent