Fun Things to Do in Arkansas

Here is where you'll find the fun stuff. We've got lots of family fun activities including fun computer games for free and tons of free downloads for kids that you are sure to enjoy! There's even something for your teacher! (OK, maybe that's not so much fun.)

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Family Fun Activities and Games

Our online games for kids can make learning lots of fun, especially when you're playing with the Arkansas State Parks' official mascot, Resource Raccoon. Plus, when you learn something while having fun, you're sure to remember it! So get ready to play our fun computer games for free online! They're even more fun than your homework... Can you believe it?

Follow the Sparkle Across the Natural State - Download and print this page for holiday fun! Visit the Trail of Holiday Lights to find the best places to view light displays throughout Arkansas.

Family fun activities - Outfitting for Adventure

Outfitting for Adventure - Dress Resource Raccoon, the Arkansas State Parks official mascot, to match his environment -- Resource loves the outdoors. Don't give up too easily. You have to find just the right stuff and place it in just the right place. Enjoy!

family fun activities - Guess This Word!

Guess This Word! - Use your knowledge of Arkansas to guess the right letters to find cool places and fun things to do in Arkansas.

Puzzle Fun

Puzzle Fun - Slide the tiles around until you have them in the right place to put together this picture of one of the most fun things to do in Arkansas.

Arkansas Kids Games - Arkansas Geography Word Search

Arkansas Geography Word Search - This one is a little more challenging but hang in there - you can do it. It's an entertaining way to learn about the mountains, rivers and lakes in Arkansas.

family fun activities - Outdoor Fun Word Search

Outdoor Fun Word Search - Find the different types of outdoor fun you can find when you and your family visit an Arkansas State Parks.

Fun things to do in Arkansas - Camping Crossword Puzzle

Camping Crosswords - A different type of crossword puzzle. Here is a fun way to make a checklist for all the things you might want to take on your camping trip.

Fun things to do in Arkansas - Create an Alligator Puppet Game

Alligator Puppet - Did you know that you can see alligators in Arkansas? You can! And to remind you of that, we have a puppet you can make.