Fall Foliage Vacations

Find incredible colors on Arkansas fall foliage tours

Embark on fall foliage tours in The Natural State and enjoy breathtaking views of stunningly vibrant landscapes in one of America's most picturesque autumn destinations. Many of Arkansas's visitors come during the autumn season for fall vacations that involve a mix of outdoor adventure, relaxation and a self-guided fall color tour.

Keep up with our peak color updates here to plan fall foliage tours in The Natural State and discover why Arkansas is a prime spot for fall foliage vacations.

Fall Foliage Color Update -- October 16, 2014

Northwest/North Central


Ozark National Forest, Boston Mountain Ranger District

Color (or Expectation): Black Gums- red, Sumac- bright red, dogwood, reddish yellow, maples- slightly changing and noticed some hickory changing over to golden yellow

Recommended Viewing Routes: Hwy 23 north of Cass will be good route towards Mulberry Mountain.

Estimated Peak Period: Peaking first weeks of November.

Comments:  No major changes right now, everything is just now starting to change colors, should see some major changes in the color of leaves in the next coming weeks 


Ozark National Forest, Pleasant Hill Ranger District

Color (or Expectation):  Color season is just beginning.  Still early for viewing.

Estimated Peak Period: 2-3 weeks


Foliage Fact

Black Gum, Sassafras, Sweet Gum, Dogwood, Poison Ivy, and American Wild Plum are a few of the trees that respond strongly to fewer hours of sunlight in the autumn.  These are usually the first changers of the Arkansas foliage season.

Next Report: October 23, 2014

Photos from the Mountain Harbor/Mount Ida area -- Oct. 21