National Tourism Week

Arkansas Celebrates National Tourism Week

The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism is working to make this year's National Tourism Week a success. As Arkansans, we have a true appreciation for the natural beauty of our state, and enjoy sharing it with others. Tourism is one of Arkansas's largest industries. In 2010, the state hosted nearly 23 million visitors and brought in $5.5 billion in tourism expenditures! National Tourism Week provides the perfect opportunity for us to express our appreciation to the Arkansas travelers who have made this growth possible!

The 28th Annual National Tourism Week is May 7-15, 2011, and Arkansas's Tourist Appreciation Day is Monday, May 9th.

We are proud of Arkansas and want to share that pride with our visitors! This Web site gives you all of the information you need to host a Tourist Appreciation event in your own area. If you do not already have an event planned, ideas and suggestions are provided here for your consideration. If you already have an event planned, you can find fun facts to share with those who attend.