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Selected Trips

Bicycling in Arkansas

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Oppello Loop (1)

  • 52 miles
  • moderately difficult

Leave from roadside park at end of Lake Maumelle on Ark. 10; follow Ark. 10 through Williams Junction to Perry; follow Ark. 9 to Oppello; turn right on Ark. 113 through Bigelow back to start. The ride has two great downhills and two tough climbs; restrooms are at Williams Junction and Oppello; refreshments are at Williams Junction, Perryville, Perry, Oppello, Houston and Bigelow.

Lake Maumelle Loop (2)

  • 38 miles
  • moderately difficult

Start at Pinnacle Mountain State Park; left from park entrance on Ark. 300 to Ark. 10; right on Ark. 10 to Ark. 113 (end of Lake Maumelle); right on Ark. 113 up Wye Mountain to Ark. 300; right on Ark. 300 back to Pinnacle Park. The climb up Wye Mountain is strenuous; Ark. 10 has rolling hills and has the most traffic; best to ride in the morning only; the place for refreshments is in Monnie Springs and Roland; a restroom is located at the park.

Magnolia to White Oak Lake State Park Ride (3)

  • 80 miles (round trip)
  • moderate

Leave Magnolia on Ark. 79 North (wide highway with paved shoulders, but heavy traffic); left at Stephens on Ark. 57 North; follow signs to park; reverse route to return. Makes a good overnighter at White Oak Lake State Park where there are good camping facilities, showers, fishing, refreshments, etc.

Tour of Petit Jean (4)

  • 61 miles
  • moderately difficult

Start at Perry on Ark. 9; proceed on Ark. 9 to Oppello; left on Ark. 154 up Petit Jean Mountain; 1.5 miles straight up to Centerville; left on Ark. 7 to Ola; left on Ark. 10 to Perry. Restrooms available at Oppello and Petit Jean State Park visitor center; refreshments at Oppello; visitor center; Centerville, Ola and Casa; basically flat except for steep climb to Petit Jean.

Sheridan to Carthage Ride (5)

  • 66 miles
  • easy

Begin at the Middle School at Sheridan; take U.S. 270 to Poyen; turn left on Ark. 229 to Leola; take Ark. 46 to Ark. 9; left on Ark. 9 to Tulip; left on Ark. 48 to Carthage; left on Ark. 229 to Leola; right on Ark. 46 back to Sheridan past Jenkins' Ferry. There are no restrooms; refreshment are at Poyen, Leola and Carthage; there are few hills; traffic is heaviest on U.S. 270 out of Sheridan.

Tour of Perry County (6)

  • 21 miles
  • easy

Depart from intersection of Ark. 113 and 300 at the bottom of Wye Mountain; follow Ark. 113 through Bigelow to Ark. 60; turn left on Ark. 60 to Ark. 216 at Houston; left on Ark. 60 to Ark. 300; left on Ark. 300 back to start. There are no restrooms; refreshments are at Bigelow and Houston.

Mount Magazine Ride (7)

  • 60 miles
  • moderately difficult

Leave Havana on Ark. 309 (Magazine Scenic Byway); climb 9 miles to top of Mount Magazine. While there stay a day or so at Mount Magazine State Park, with a full-service lodge, cabins, restaurant and enthralling views. Head down into Paris; turn left on Ark. 104 to town of Magazine; left on Ark. 10 back to Havana. Most traffic is located on Ark. 10; although Mount Magazine is highest point in Arkansas, Ark. 309 is graded so climb is gradual; restrooms are at Magazine and Paris; refreshments are at Paris, Magazine and Waveland.

Faulkner County Tour (8)

  • 60 miles
  • moderate

Leave from Hamlet (intersection of Ark. 36 and U.s. 64); follow Ark. 36 through Naylor and Mount Vernon to Ark. 124; left on 124 to Quitman; follow 107 back to Ark. 36 and back to Hamlet. Restrooms and refreshments are available at Naylor and Quitman; most traffic is on Ark. 36.

Backwoods Ozark Tour (9)

  • 58 miles
  • very difficult

Leave from Jasper on Ark. 74 to Boxley; turn left on Ark. 21 to Ark. 16; left on Ark. 16 to Ark. 7. There are two extremely difficult climbs out of Jasper and Boxley; The last 3 miles is downhill to Jasper; refreshments available at Swain, Deer and Jasper; traffic is heaviest on Ark. 7.

Clark and Hot Spring Counties Ride (10)

  • 32 miles
  • easy

Leave Arkadelphia on Ark. 7/U.S. 67; follow U.S. 67 out of Caddo Valley to Donaldson; turn right on Ark. 51 through Joan back to Arkadelphia. There are no restrooms other than at Caddo Gap and Arkadelphia; refreshments available at Donaldson and Joan; most traffic on Ark. 7.

Arkansas Post National Monument Ride (11)

  • 68 miles
  • easy

This ride offers a visit to the first capitol of the Arkansas Territory, a look at Arkansas' Mississippi Delta region and a look at part of the Arkansas River navigation system. Start at Pendleton Campground two miles east of the Arkansas River bridge on U.S. 165. Proceed north on U.S. 165 to the Ark. 169 intersection. Turn east on 169 and travel about 2 miles to visit the national monument. Back on Ark. 165, continue north through Gillett to the intersection with Ark. 44 and continue on Ark. 44 to Tichnor. Take the paved county road south out of Tichnor to Lock No. 2 on the Canal and to Dam No. 2 on the Arkansas River. This is across the river from the Pendleton Campground; however, there is no access across Dam No. 2, so you must return on a reverse route. You might also want to visit Norrell Lock and Dam and Merrisach Lake Campground which lie on either side of Lock No. 2. Pack a lunch or pick up food at the store in Tichnor or the cafe in Gillett.

Historic Washington Ride (12)

  • 37 miles
  • easy

Historic Washington was the Confederate capitol of Arkansas from 1863 to 1865 as well as an important stop on the Southwest Trail into Texas and the Mexican Territory. Today, Historic Washington is a state park dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the town's role in that period of history. Historic Washington State Park is a great place to spend time; however, the surrounding countryside also provides great scenery for cycling. One good ride is to leave Historic Washington north along Ark. 4. This will take you through typical rolling, rural Arkansas countryside. Traffic on Ark. 4 is moderate. At the Ark. 332 intersection, turn left toward Tollette. This highway offers a very scenic ride with light traffic. At Tollette, turn south on Ark. 365 to Saratoga, east on Ark. 73 to Crossroads, then north on Ark. 195 back to Historic Washington. Historic Washington offers the Williams Tavern Restaurant and numerous other historic buildings. There are motels and other services available nearby in Hope.

Petit Jean Mountain Ride (13)

  • 15 miles
  • easy

This ride begins at Petit Jean State Park. The top of the mountain is flat with very little elevation change. From the lodge or campground, proceed east on Ark. 154. Turn left on the first blacktop road, just below the dam on Lake Bailey. Continue on the paved road, bearing right, until you come to a "T" intersection (about two miles). Turn left to visit Winrock International, a wonderful agricultural facility on the ranch established by former Governor Winthrop Rockefeller. Back at the "T", turn right to complete the loop around the mountain. This is a gently rolling road past farms and forests with almost no traffic. It connects back to Ark. 154 at a "Y" intersection. To return to the park, turn right and ride west about four miles. However, before returning, turn left, go about 1/4 mile and turn left on the paved road. This goes to Petit Jean's gravesite and a fantastic scenic vista of the Arkansas River Valley.

Pea Ridge Tour (14)

  • 11 miles
  • easy

This ride lies entirely within Pea Ridge National Military Park located on U.S. 62 in Northwest Arkansas, just north of Rogers. The entire circuit is about 11 miles over flat, well-maintained asphalt roads with a number of scenic vistas along the way accented with historical site markers. The only climb of any consequence is a short one-half mile climb up to the Pea Ridge. From here you get a view of the rolling hills of the countryside and look down over the entire panorama of the battlefield.

Ride Around Greers Ferry (15)

  • 60 miles
  • extremely difficult

Leave from intersection of Ark. 16 and 25; follow Ark. 25 through Heber Springs to Drasco; turn left on Ark. 92 to Greers Ferry; follow Ark. 16 back to start. There is a great downhill into Heber Springs; three hard climbs on Ark. 16; most traffic is in Heber Springs; refreshments and restrooms available at Heber Springs, Drasco and Greers Ferry.

"P" Cities Ride (16)

  • 60 miles
  • moderate

Start at Perryville; follow Ark. 9 to Perry; turn left on Ark. 10 to Ola; left on Ark. 28 to Plainview; left on Ark. 60 back to Perryville. Refreshments available at Casa, Ola, Plainview, Fourche Junction and Aplin; one tough climb between Perryville and Perry.

Tour of Columbia County (17)

  • 65 miles
  • moderate

Ride features two of the oldest country stores in the Arkansas/Louisiana/Texas border region. Leave Magnolia on Ark. 19 South to Walkerville; turn left on Ark. 98 through Emerson, Atlanta, Village, McNeil to Ark. 19; left on Ark. 19 and back to Magnolia; light traffic.

Rich Mountain Ride (18)

  • 60 miles
  • difficult

Begin at Middle School in Mena on Ark. 88; take Ark. 88 (Talimena Scenic Byway) up Rich Mountain (14-mile climb); and into Oklahoma (88 becomes Hwy. 1 in Oklahoma); follow 1 until U.S. 259; turn left on Hwy. 259 to Hwy. 63; turn left on Hwy. 63 back to Mena (Hwy. 63 becomes Ark. 8 in Arkansas). The only restroom is at top of the mountain in Queen Wilhelmina State Park; also only refreshments.

Lonoke/White County Tour (19)

  • 55 miles
  • moderate

From the intersection of U.S. 67, Ark. 5 and 367 go northeast on 367 to Ark. 31; turn left on Ark. 31 to Romance; left on Ark. 5 back to start. Restroom available at El Paso; refreshments are at Beebe and El Paso.

White County Tour (20)

  • 55 miles
  • moderately difficult

Leave courthouse at Searcy on Ark. 36 through Center Hill to Rosebud; left on Ark. 5 to Romance; left on Ark. 31 to Floyd; left on Ark. 305 to Center Hill; right on Ark. 36 back to Searcy. There are no restrooms other than at Searcy; refreshments at Joy, Rosebud and Floyd.

Tour of Lonoke County (21)

  • 31 miles
  • easy

Depart Furlow (take exit 164 off Interstate 40); take Ark. 15 2 miles north; take Ark. 89 to Ark. 321; right on 321 to Ark. 31; to Ark. 89 at Lonoke; right on Ark. 89 back to Furlow. Only hills are overpasses of Interstate 40; refreshments and restrooms at Lonoke.

The Jasper Disaster (22)

  • 32 miles
  • difficult

Leave from Harrison, AR on AR 7 to Jasper. Right on AR 74 to Ponca. Right on AR 43 back to Harrison. 3 long climbs. Traffic is heaviest from Harrison to Jasper. At the junction of 74 and 43, take a left on 43 and ride about 1 mile for a chance to see elk in the Boxley valley.

The Flippin CCC ride (23)

  • 35 miles
  • moderate - difficult

Leave Flippin on AR 202 to Summit. Right on 14N to Lakeway. Turn right on Welcome Ridge road in Lakeway. Right on County Road 859 to Quarry Mountain Road to Highway 178. Right on 178 back into Flippin. Many rolling hills with one difficult climb on Quarry Mountain Road.