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Day Hikes

The Time Is Always Right!

Day hikers can choose from wilderness hiking trails that take less than an hour to walk to those requiring all-day excursions. The state’s nationally designated wilderness areas are rugged and physically challenging, usually with no established trails. However, these make excellent hiking areas for hikers who wish to choose their own path. There are also other options such as self-guided or interpretive-guided trail experiences.

The six physiographic regions of Arkansas offer a variety of wilderness hiking experiences ranging from a view from the top of an Ozark or Ouachita mountain to the fragrance of pine forests which abound in the rolling hills of South Arkansas' Gulf Coastal Plain. Towering pines, lush hardwoods, large lakes, flowing waterways, fertile delta highlands, abundant wildflowers and a variety of wildlife provide many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy experiencing Arkansas' beauty by exploring the state's plentiful natural

NOTE: Due to the extensive number of hiking trails in Arkansas, this website lists only a typical sampling of trails in each area of The Natural State.

One Day or Less

Arkansas has over 250 wilderness hiking trails scattered through U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recreation areas, U.S. National Forest areas, National Parks, and State Parks. All of these hiking trails are perfect for one day treks. Perhaps the best thing about hiking is that it can be enjoyed any time of the year. Every season offers something distinctive and you need no special equipment--just a good pair of shoes and the desire to breathe clean, fresh air.

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