Trail Detail

Little Missouri Trail (Little Missouri Falls Rec) (F-2)

Park/Rec Area: Little Missouri Falls Recreation Area
Region: Ouachitas
Length: 1/2 mile
Time: 1/2-3/4 hour
Difficulty: Easy - Strenuous
Brochure: Available from Ranger District address

Location: 7 miles northwest of Albert Pike on gravel Forest Road 25

Description: Beginning in the Little Missouri Falls Recreation Area, this out-and-back trail offers access to the scenic Little Missouri Falls. It first crosses a native stone dam across the river. The hiker then faces a hill of steps in the trail which lead along large cliffs high above the river. The trail provides a view of the area above the falls on the left and a rock formation on the right. This part of the trail is a historic wagon trail which early settlers used to traverse the mountains from Langley to Big Fork. About 1/4 mile up the trail, a vista of Little Missouri Falls opens to the hiker. This trail is also a section of the Little Missouri Trail listed under Albert Pike Recreation Area.

For Information: Caddo Ranger District, 912 Smokey Bear Lane, Glenwood, AR, 71943, (870) 356-4186