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The Legend of Boggy Creek (1973);
The Legend of Boggy Creek - Part 2 (1983)


Charles B. Pierce, a native of Texarkana, based his first film on a true story from his home state. The Fouke Monster is a bigfoot-like creature supposedly roaming the timberlands of south Arkansas since the 1950s. The monster is “described as having a foul odor, completely covered in reddish-brown hair and having three toes and also known by leaving tracks found in bean fields.”

The film features several residents of Fouke who recount their experiences with the local legend. They claim, among other things, “…that the creature has killed several large hogs as well as other animals.” Attempts at shooting the monster have proved futile, according to the movie narrator.” A sequence in the movie, pulled from actual newspaper accounts which inspired the film, shows the creature menacing a family in a remote country house. After firing upon it, the creature attacks, sending one family member, Bobby Ford, to the hospital.

In 1983, Pierce returned to South Arkansas to film The Legend of Boggy Creek -- Part 2.

The town's Monster Mart has movie memorabilia and a Fouke Monster cut-out allows people to have their photo made with the "creature."


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Fouke is located 25 miles south of Texarkana via U.S. 71.


Entries to the annual Little Rock Film Festival compete for the Charles B. Pierce Award, given to the Best Film Made in Arkansas.