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Under Siege (1986)


Under Siege was first telecast in February 1986, a time when the notion of foreign terrorists in America was still speculative fiction. A militant group sets off explosives at U.S. Army bases, then branches out to such civilian targets as crowded shopping centers.

The FBI director, played by Peter Strauss, discovers that these outrages are possibly being orchestrated by Iranian extremists. Despite pressure to take retaliatory action, the President, portrayed by Hal Holbrook, continues to preach moderation, until he can be certain of the true source of the attacks. Little Rock, Arkansas substitutes for Washington D.C. in several scenes, including one startling sequence set in the State Capitol." Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

This made-for-television movie by Roger Young received a 1986 Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Miniseries or a Special.

Internet Movie Database


The Arkansas State Capitol is a modified, scale version of the nation’s capitol in Washington D.C. It has been used in several motion pictures as a stand-in for the national capitol.

Under Siege was co-written by Bob Woodward, of All the President's Men fame.