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End of the Line (1987)


Actress Mary Steenburgen teamed with fellow Arkansan Jay Russell on this production. Steenburgen made the film to pay homage to her father, who worked on the Union Pacific Railroad. Also starring with Steenburgen in the movie is another Arkansan, actor/singer/musician Levon Helm. Other notables in the case include Kevin Bacon, Holly Hunter, and Wilford Brimley.

Steenburgen made her executive producing debut with "End of the Line," described as a "Capraesque story of aging railroad men facing the shutdown of their line." It was filmed on location in Benton.

"Two workers from a railway company realize that the company wants to close the railroad track where they work. They steal an engine (Arkansas) and travel thru America to the centre of the company (Chicago) to protest against the closing. While travelling they have a lot of adventurous moments." Written by Kornel Osvart


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Actor Howard Morris, best-known for playing Ernest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show, also appeared in the movie as a drunk sleeping on the railroad tracks.