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The Client (1993)


Another movie based on a best-selling novel by author John Grisham which has portions of it filmed in Arkansas. Starring Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Renfo, it’s the story of a young boy, Mark Sway, who witnesses the suicide of a mob lawyer. An ambitious prosecutor tries to use him to further his career so Mark hires himself an attorney. The plot deepens as the murder of a U.S. senator becomes a part of it and Mark gets further involved.

Filmed mainly in Tennessee and Louisiana, portions were shot in Hughes, Arkansas. The climatic boathouse scene where the senator is buried (which supposedly takes place in New Orleans), was filmed at the Snowden House at Horseshoe Lake. Located on Bream Road, the house is now a vacation rental.  


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The boathouse where the senator is buried is supposedly in New Orleans.  The Snowden House in Hughes, Arkansas, approximately 30 miles west of Memphis, was used for the scenes.