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The Sporting Club (1969)

Scenic Ark. 7
Hot Springs, AR


Director by Larry Peerce, who is best known for directing Goodbye Columbus in 1969, this movie is based on the novel by Thomas McGuane. Generally panned by critics, it was believed to have been a comment on social mores of the time period and the Vietnam War. The Turner Classic Movies synopsis says, “…according to Motion Picture Herald, the filmmakers planned to shoot the picture on location in Oregon and Washington.

Press notes added that they also considered shooting in Michigan, but could not because of severe winter weather there. As a result, as noted onscreen, the film was shot entirely in the Ouachita National Forest (photo) and Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.

The parade scene was shot at Blakely Mountain Dam. In a March 1, 1971 New York Times write-up, reviewer Howard Thompson mentions the setting as “a naturalistic, woodsy setting.”


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Hot Springs National Park is located 53 miles southwest of Little Rock.

The eastern edge of the Ouachita National Forest is just west of Little Rock.

Blakely Mountain Dam on Lake Ouachita is accessible by Blakely Dam Road.


Appearing in this movie is Ralph Waite. who would become famous for portraying John Walton, Sr. on the television series, The Waltons. The film was produced by Lee Rich, who was executive director of the made-for-television movie The Homecoming, on which The Waltons was based.