Battle of Arkansas Post 150th Anniversary

Saturday, January 19, 2013 - Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Battle of Arkansas Post, part of the Vicksburg Campaign, took place from January 9-11, 1863. During the encounter, also referred to as the Battle of Fort Hindman, Federal troops were trying to stop Confederate harassment of Union shipping along the Arkansas River and possibly mounting an offensive attack against Little Rock, the Arkansas capital.

The Rebels constructed a heavily armed fortification on the river near the pre-statehood village of Arkansas Post in autumn 1862. The resulting battle ended with the Union victorious. According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, “The defeat at Arkansas Post cost Confederate Arkansas fully one-fourth of its armed forces in the largest surrender of Rebel troops west of the Mississippi River prior to the final capitulation of the Confederates in1865.” 

The Friends of Arkansas Post Museum are hosting a 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Arkansas Post, January 19-20. It includes an encampment, battle reenactments, school day, period dance, and non-denominational period church service. School day is Friday, January 18. Other activities take place on Saturday and Sunday, January 20-21. Experience an authentic representation of the battle of Arkansas Post along with an up-close look at a Civil War soldier’s life in a battlefield encampment. A period dance on Saturday night is open to the public as will the non-denominational church service on Sunday morning.  On Saturday afternoon, the Arkansas Post National Memorial holds a commemorative service to honor those who fought in the battle at the site of the encounter. This is a joint effort between the Arkansas Post Museum State Park and the Arkansas Post National Memorial with the involvement of local and county agencies. An official schedule is available from Arkansas Post Museum State Park near Gillett.