195th Anniversary of the Creation of the Arkansas

July 4
marks the 195th anniversary of the creation of the Arkansas Territory. Created from a portion of the Missouri Territory, the area was an organized incorporated territory until June 15, 1836, when what remained of the land was admitted into the Union as the state of Arkansas. Arkansas Post was the first territorial capital from 1819–1821 and Little Rock served as the second seat of government from 1821 to 1836.

The Arkansas Post National Memorial near Gillett is a great place to explore the Arkansas Territory.  You’ll find for indoor and outdoor exhibits explaining the rich history of the site. (photo right)

Another location dating to territorial days is the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock.  Here you’ll find the oldest building still standing in Little Rock: the 1827 Hinderliter Grog shop, where the Arkansas Territorial  Government is believed to have met. The structure served as a tavern, restaurant, hotel and private residence. (photo left)