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Listed in this section are 101 interesting places to explore Arkansas's history and heritage. Included are Arkansas historic towns, downtown districts, Arkansas museums, archaeological sites, historical landmarks in Arkansas, cultural centers, battlefields, state parks, bridges and national and Confederate cemeteries.

Additional Arkansas historical towns, Arkansas museums, and historical landmarks in Arkansas are listed in the Things to Do section.

Phone numbers and web site addresses are included for obtaining more information on particular sites. Because the hours of operation at some sites are limited and seasonally variable at others, please call ahead or use the website listings to confirm facility hours and avoid being inconvenienced.

The Calendar of Events lists re-enactments, interpretive programs and other heritage happenings.

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Eureka Springs City Auditorium (The Aud)

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-7788

Eureka Springs Downtown Historic District

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 866-947-4387

Eureka Springs Historical Museum

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-9417

Family Heritage Museum

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-5444

Gardener's Cottage

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 800-833-3394

Grand Central Hotel & Spa

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-6756

Pond Mountain Lodge & Resort

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-5877

St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-2222

Thorncrown Chapel

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-7401

Arkansas Air and Military Museum

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 479-521-4947

Headquarters House Museum & Garden

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 479-521-2970

Mount Sequoyah Retreat & Conference Center

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 479-443-4531

National Cemetery

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 479-444-5051

Pratt Place Inn

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 479-966-4441

University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 501-575-2000

University of Arkansas Campus Historic District

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 479-575-200

University of Arkansas Senior Walk

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Phone: 479-575-2000

Dallas County Museum

Fordyce, Arkansas
Phone: 870-352-7202

St. Francis County Museum

Forrest City, Arkansas
Phone: 870-261-1744

1882 Clayton House Victorian Mansion & Museum

Fort Smith, Arkansas
Phone: 479-783-3000

Alfonso Trent House

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Belle Grove Historic District

Fort Smith, Arkansas
Phone: 479-784-2209

Showing 51 - 75 of 221 results