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Fall is a great time of year to visit Arkansas because it’s one of the best places to see fall foliage. Every autumn, nature paints the mountains and valleys of The Natural State with gorgeous hues of gold, red and orange. Many of Arkansas's visitors travel here for special fall vacations to catch a glimpse (and take some incredible photos) of the season. Scenic drives showcase autumn's finest while allowing you to explore the state's varied topography on a fun-filled road trip.

The Natural State's autumn attractions aren't limited to scenery; fall weather is ideal for enjoying the variety of outdoor activities that the state has to offer, such as camping, hiking and mountain biking. You’ll also find fun, family-oriented fall festivals and events all over the state.

Search the pages of this site to find the best places for fall vacations in Arkansas, Keep up with our autumn color updates to find out when peak fall foliage will arrive in different parts of the state. Fall color updates will be posted on this website by 5 p.m. every Thursday until the season is over. Make plans to tour Arkansas’s top foliage destinations and scenic routes this fall!

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Mardi Gras Mayor's Public Ball

From: 1905 Basin Park Hotel, Eureka Springs, AR
Price: $174
Expiration Date: 2/6/2016

Cooking School: February 6, 2016

From: Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, Hot Springs, AR
Expiration Date: 2/6/2016

All About Love: Valentine Getaway

From: Ozark Folk Center State Park, Mountain View, AR
Price: $229
Expiration Date: 2/8/2016


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